VR Game Reviews - a little insight to help you choose!

September 22, 2019

Virtual Reality is the perfect escape from the daily drudge of life, which is what made VR so appealing to me. Like many others, I have been known to enjoy the worlds of fantasy and science fiction that have been imagined through cinema, literature and gaming. Some of the best works have transported our minds to the remote plains of outer space or the mystical lands of dragons. But there has always been that pesky reality, floating in our peripheries, distractions in the wings dragging us away from the story and fantasy world.

But this is where Virtual Reality has taken story telling to another level and captured my imagination again. As soon as I donned my first HTC Vive headset and entered the futuristic VR world of Arcade Saga, a collection of skill games based in a futuristic setting, I was immediately transported to an alternative reality that reminded me of the battlefields of TRON, which in turn fulfilled a boyhood dream and only engorged my hunger to experience as many VR games as possible.

However, I digress, my point is that I have now had the opportunity to play a variety of VR titles. Some of which I have enjoyed thoroughly, others that have infuriated me and some that, although a lot of fun, could do with some tweaks to make the game play better. My hope, is that my experiences can guide those that have just bought a VR headset, toward the best games and experiences that are currently available on the market.

So have a look and see what virtual reality can offer you!

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