SuperHot VR review

March 16, 2020

SuperHot is a title that has been around for a very long time now but I still think it is worth mentioning seeing as every time I play it I am in awe of how great the concept is.

So, bend your head round this. Time moves when you move….

Yup, its as simple and as complicated as that. You are faced with a variety of increasingly difficult scenarios, where Red men made of a glass type substance are coming at you from all different angles, just trying to spoil your day by shooting you in the face or something. But you have a warped “Bernards watch’esque” (yeah that's right, a very old school english TV reference there) capability, where moving slowly in the real world will give you a phenomenal advantage against these tinkers. As you slowly move toward an ashtray, that is fortuitously placed in front of your starting point, you will notice your red foes slowly raising their hand with a pistol in it. You continue to slowly...easy now...very slowly draw your hand back to lob this ashtray at his head. And then you throw, which most of the time means you break the slowly rule as your brain has to create propulsion, right?! As you throw at normal speed, time speeds up to normal speed and a bullet either flies right past your face...or more than likely that sneaky devil has pinged you right between the eyes.

So, my description has probably confused you more than anything, but I really can not rate this game highly enough. I got so obsessed with completing levels that we scuppering me at every turn and I don’t think I have experienced that since playing Mario on the Nintendo Entertainment System. You see the real beauty is, you make a mistake and get thwarted by the rambunctious rouge rebels, you then have to go back to the beginning of that section. Which then leads to having to complete the first level of each section multiple times, which in turn leads to overconfidence, which then leads to you getting an axe smashing you in the torso because you weren't paying attention. It is arcade style gaming at its finest.

Although frustration can creep in when you are stuck at a particular level, it is made all the more sweet when you finally master taking each foe out, one by one, stealing their weapons and nailing that final slippery bastard that sneaks down the staircase.

My only complaint about this game is that I want more levels. Once completed the sense of satisfaction was only marred by the knowledge that there were no more levels. However, it does introduce a slight competitive edge where each level can be timed. So you can speed up and see if you can complete the sections faster than your buddy ‘ol pal.

So, in short, if you haven't played this game then where have you been and what have you been doing?! But alternatively if you are new to VR then this is definitely one that you should try. It brings the sense of wonder that is only possible in VR and is hours and hours, days even if you get stuck, of fun. It is a very big yes from me!!!

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