Stand Out: VR Battle Royale

September 22, 2019

Stand Out is a Battle Royale game that has tried to encapsulate the spirit and success of the console and PC juggernaut PUBG. The game itself has done fantastically well in replicating the Battle Royale format, it starts with the, much copied, launch from a plane to then parachute down to your chosen territory. There are also a lot of weapons to choose from and you are able to attach guns and ammo all over your body, as opposed to a specified belt, which also makes things easier.

Of course this game is still in development and so by no means the finished article, however I did find it particularly hard to reload and cock the gun, especially the shotgun, seeing as you have to release the gun with your left hand to reload each shot which is time consuming and ended up with me dying every time. Now I should probably mention at this point that I am terrible at Battle Royale games, I am pretty sure I can count the amount of kills I have achieved, in all formats (PC, VR, XBOX), on one hand. As such I am probably not the best person to be expressing this games virtues, as I am rubbish.

However, if you are a fan of battle royale games, can actually see the enemy coming and compete, then this is well worth a try. It was one of my first VR experiences and I had a lot of fun playing even though it was just me running around like a headless chicken getting shot repeatedly. And as mentioned this game is still being developed, providing several locomotion options, from hand swinging to controller trackpad movement to cater for those with motion sickness tendencies. One thing I would mention is that the visuals were quite jittery for me, I think that this is because of the PC that I was running this on as I only have an Nvidia 1070 graphics card. But in comparison to the smooth running of Pavlov VR this was a bit of a disappointment.

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