SkyFront VR

September 22, 2019

Now SkyFront is another game that was released a few months ago and is perfect for those who want some simpler controls and want to get into a game without needing any practice first. The Arena’s are beautifully crafted, you are flying around inverted Pyramids or towering pillars of Greek temples all set in the sky and amongst the clouds. It is a very impressive environment and is enjoyable to explore when you first start playing.

The aim of the game is very simple. You are provided with a flying machine in which you can equip to either hand and allows you to fly around when you point you hand in the direction you want to move and pull the trigger. In the other hand you are provided with two weapons that you can switch between, one a homing rocket launcher, the other an automatic machine gun.

It is extremely simple and has been a true favourite for everybody who is trying virtual reality for the first time. Your weapons reload automatically and so there is no distraction from the action of flying around and shooting as many other opponents as possible.

Personally, this game is a little too simple for me and is not something that I can play for hours on end. It is also hampered a little by the lack of players on the system at the moment. Often you find that there is only 1 or 2 players available and this game really needs multiple people for it to reach its full potential. However, saying this, it has been voted as a favourite from many of the players that have been using our systems and so who am I to say otherwise!!

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