Pavlov VR

September 22, 2019

There is much debate about what makes the best multiplayer shooter but Pavlov VR is certainly my favourite title so far. This is a game that has been around for a while now, it also has some E-Sports tournaments running which has promoted this game further. However, this game is ideal for those, like me, that grew up with the N64 GoldenEye game of epicness and dreamed of being able to play the game like Time Crisis. Our dreams were answered, Pavlov VR provides a multiplayer shooter that is a lot easier to play than other titles seeing as it provides unlimited ammo in the belt packs. It is addictively fun with several game varieties available from the classic deathmatch and team death matches, Gun Game and Search and Destroy to the newly devised Traitor games and the Prison break games.

The levels themselves are forever evolving through the Pavlov Level Workshop that is opensource, allowing for anyone to build levels that other players that still enjoy. In fact, that GoldenEye element is further exacerbated by some clever little chappies creating the Cradle level from the original game which is just too much fun to play. You will also find classic counterstrike levels and even some cartoony Zelda levels to mix things up.

I found this game a lot easier to play than Onward due to the infinite ammo, also the guns themselves seem easier to load in my opinion. Each gun has to be reloaded in the same fashion as you would have to in real life, this is a very exciting new touch but does take some practice. I managed to pick this up quite quickly but other friends have really struggled if they have not played VR shooters before. Overall the multiplayer element is fantastic, you are able to talk to other players in the game whilst blowing their heads off or whisper taunts as you sneak up behind them. I found the team games particularly engaging, when we played there was communication and strategy required that made me think I was in a paintball game much less in a computer game.

I can not recommend this game enough, so many hours have now been spent in this virtual world and I plan to spend many more. There are constant improvements to the game including out of body locomotion for those that are prone to motion sickness. Also, they are improving the spectator functions all of the time which will hopefully help with its E-Sports efforts. In fact, I hope to create a Pavlov E-sports team myself so get in contact if you fancy joining up!

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