September 22, 2019

Onward is another title that has taken the VR world by a storm. Already it has a huge following, with many teams competing through their multi player function and in the E-Sports competitions including the VR Master League for all headsets or the VR League which is exclusively for the Occulus Rift.

My first impression was that even the options menu was extremely detailed, there is an atmospheric soundtrack that certainly invokes a sense of danger and that there is a battle afoot. You are immersed as soon as you enter the staging area, so even setting up your character does not seem like a chore but a necessity.

The set up screen in itself is a military enthusiasts wet dream. You choose all of your settings in a command tent and the range of equipment that you can use is vast. You can customise your equipment to suit the environment that you will be entering, so if you are going into an urban town at night then it is a good idea to equip your rifle with a torch.

The game play itself is also particularly realistic, there is no option of running around trying to shoot as many people as possible, as you will just die immediately (guess what I did!). You need to approach this game with a tactical mind, and when you play multiplayer teamwork is a must. This game is more than a game itself, it comes across as an extremely realistic simulator.

Once again I have had issues with this game loading mid game, particularly when there is action like a firefight. However, this comes at no surprise as my PC is not the top spec and the detail is amazing. I also found it extremely difficult to change magazine for a lot of the weapons, I still haven’t figured out some of the weapons and as you can imagine this does not bode well when you are in the thick of it.

If you have a powerful PC and are a keen military enthusiast and or strategically minded then this is definitely the game for you. For myself it was very technical and I couldn’t put the time in to persevere with the discipline that is required. But I am keen to give it another shot once I upgrade my PC to see if this makes a difference.

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