Headmaster VR

September 22, 2019

This is one of the first games that I purchased. I am English and so anything football related had to be given a go! And it doesn’t disappoint!

The idea is that you have gone to the football improvement training centre in which you are given a range of challenges in order to improve your football heading skills. The game itself is really funny, you are guided and trained by a voice over a tannoy system and the stupid comments that are made certainly make you chuckle in between the frustration of heading a football like you have a square head, much like real life!

But the game has some real legs, in between 10 to 15 different tasks there are Exam sections and you are not always aiming at targets at a goal mouth, you have to put the rubbish away into the correct recycling bins by heading the bin bags, or even play darts with knives attached to a football.

One of the best things about this game is its multi-player Party mode. This mode only requires one headset and pits you against each other for the high score. I have played this when drinking with mates and it brings all the joy of VR to the group situation. Allowing you to laugh at your mate looking like a fool waggling his head in various directions to hit the targets but also a competition that drinking games can be set to. And who doesn’t love a game that can be linked to drinking!!!

I really rate this game, it is simple and easy to play but the levels are difficult enough to keep you entertained for hours. This is another game that I would suggest for people who do not like anything technical in their game play, it does not even require the handset controllers. Once you have started the game and selected your mode it is heading all of the way, Shearer eat your heart out!

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