Elven Assassin

November 20, 2019

I actually downloaded this game, mistakenly, thinking it was another archery based game I had heard of. But like almost all accidental purchases, it was a phenomenal piece of fate that partnered me with my soul animal, if my soul animal is an archery based VR game.

We all love Lord of the Rings and so our minds immediately place our skill level of archery at Legolas Elven Legend level, obviously. And fortunately it seems as though the game developers Wenkly studios had a similar train of thought….although they say that it is all purely coincidental….and I believe them goddammit!

Anyway, we digress, I was looking for a game that would be quick to pick up and that has entertaining multiplayer capabilities. Fortunately, this game does not disappoint. You are positioned at various vantage points across one of 3 towns or citadels, that you are protecting for your elf and human compatriots. Suddenly you hear a horn echo in the distance and hoards of the orcish scourge drive toward you. Each orc with its own speed of attack, route through the town and aggressiveness to your defense. You try with all your might to smite as many of the foul beasts as possible, trying to protect those cowering within the walls……but, you fail, every time, and unfortunately try as you might your efforts are never quite good enough. And that, I think, is the meaning of life.

But in all seriousness, the peril is real when playing Elven Assassin. You start by having fun taking pot shots at orcs, but when the waves have reached double figures, swathes of green are forging forward and dragons are mocking you overhead, the peril is real. You find yourself fighting through the inevitable muscle burn, that envelopes your entire arm from the repetitive bow action, just to try and make sure one more orc does not breach the gates. It is hours of fun and you will only want to stop when you physically can not hold your arm up any more (shout out to secret VR health benefits).

And then you decide it is time to play this in co-op mode which brings you even more joy, as you join forces to pepper the orc hoards with pointy justice. The games mechanics are simply that of a bow and arrow motion and so can be picked up by anyone, and the voice capabilities are seamless, allowing you to warn your mate of that sneaky little orc that has snuck past him and needs to be dispatched.

However, this games multiplayer capabilities do not stop there, and actually I believe I have kept the best till last. Because their PvP BATTLE option is a fantastic competitive duel that is sure to get the blood pumping and your mouth swearing. It involves the same mechanics as the wave shooter game where each player transports themselves by shooting arrows at the various vantage points, however now there is an opponent transporting between the same areas and you must hit the other player before you get hit yourself. A one on one, Mexican stand off, but with a bow and arrow, and flitting about towers and behind castle ramparts…so not a Mexican stand off at all. But you get the idea.

This is a ridiculous amount of fun, you end up spinning on the spot trying to get a good view of your opponent so that you can fire off some arrows at their face, all the while dodging arrows that seem to be bound for the other side of your cornea. It is an exhilarating game that is so simple and easy to play that it seems the perfect choice for anyone who wants a bit of 1 v 1 action.

All in all, Elven Assassin is a phenomenal title that is well worth a play whether you are a seasoned VR gamer and have happened to miss it or brand new. Due to its simple mechanics but also demanding gameplay it can be played for hours, you have options to upgrade your bow and buy spells to cast and so there is even an incentive to shoot more orcs and gain coins. Just another of this games addictive qualities, but even if this game had the 1v1 multiplayer battle alone I would recommend it, but it actually has a whole world of orc slaying fun to bolster its bantercannons. So, it’s a big yes from me.

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