Doom VR

October 29, 2019

When I was young, I was given the best present by my uncle ever. It was a box set of CD’s that had all of the Doom and Quake games in one handy place. It was playing these games for hours that I would fantasise of what it would be like if I was able to attempt survival in the Doom world and obliterate demons whilst wielding weapons of utter destruction. Well thanks to the marvellous people at Bethesda with their latest launch of the Doom franchise they also released a VR ready version.

By Jove! This game did not disappoint me or the youthful yearnings I had in earlier life. I played both the Xbox version and the VR version to see the differences and for the most part the VR mission follows a similar but not identical gameplay. This was ideal really as I was able to enjoy both as separate entities.


But to Doom VR.. I was initially terrified,as my mind went into overdrive as to what could be the other side of the lift that I was currently enclosed in. But after a couple of initial jumps, that really tested the HMD’s binds, I soon normalised which allowed me to focus on blowing demons heads off.

You are given the initial training in which movement uses the teleport style. This is not usually my favourite but in this game they have made it work really quite well. When you teleport into a demon it vaporises it into a viscous mess, much like the melee function in the non VR version. This is extremely satisfying and also provides a serious strategical tool later in the game when you are over run with beasts from the underworld.You are easily able to switch between weapons and the reload function is not complicated at all so you can keep blasting until the ammo runs out.


This is not the best game for arcade play unless you have the capability to save your game and come back, as this is just a single player campaign. However, if you have that luxury, this is a must play title. You are kept entertained from start to finish with an ever evolving cast of Demons, Monsters and Cycloptic Flesh Blobs that you come to expect from Doom.It also gave me the familiar feeling of getting lost which is by no means a negative for the game, but instead proves how close to the original format it gets. But the most fun that you can have is dual wielding a rocket launcher and machine gun whilst spinning on the spot as you fire upon two giant demons. It is a memory that I will hold forever, it was so real to me at the time, I was there in Hell trying to defeat Satan’s buddies like a good Christian boy.


I recommend this game to absolutely everybody,it brought me nothing but joy and really did not disappoint. It was easy to pick up and master the controls, and although it is not the longest game, every minute is full of gory battle in which delivers the ultimate escape from reality. It’s a yes from me.

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