Cowbots Vs Aliens

November 20, 2019

I am always on the lookout for fun multiplayer games that I can introduce my friends to, that are easy to pick up and that I am able to play with various different groups without getting bored of the gameplay. Cowbots vs Aliens provides exactly this mix of gameplaytastic behaviours and so provides one of the best games to introduce new VR players to the future of gaming.

You begin entering a cartoon saloon, in which you are able to select from a selection of game modes, No Guns, Team Deathmatch, Free for all and Gold Rush. You can also take this time of peace to get to grips with the game mechanics. You are able to move with the teleport function, which is not my favourite method of movement but works well in this setting. You are able to pick up most of the objects that you see lying around you, which always leads to trying to throw a knife at something. Personally, I don’t seem to be very accurate with these, but I think this is just because I am rubbish. I seem to favour a classic dual wielding combo of a shotgun and pistol, you are in a cartoony setting and so the physics of holding a shotgun in one hand are not accurate, which just makes for more fun in this instance. You then enter the portal of your chosen game type and are brought to the staging area where you can choose the amount of bots, meet your competitors to be a Cowbot, which is obviously a Robot Cowboy or an Alien, which is actually a Cowboy Alien…. Of course, because otherwise they would feel left out.

This game is just all about dueling with your buddies or randoms on the internet. Teleporting around and shooting robots and aliens in the head in a happy go lucky cartoon wild west world. I found myself laughing constantly and mainly for no other reason than I had just turned a corner and was surprised by being shot in the face by a cephalopodic alien. As you can also imagine, playing with your friends who now look like mustachioed robots, hilarity can ensue. It is fun shouting at your mate whilst you try and shoot them right in their cycloptic eye, but also has an extremely innocent air. There is no gore and the experience is of wholesome fun instead of an intense shoot em up. So, a real winner for younger players and those who would rather a whimsical brawl.

I would definitely suggest this as another go to title for those that want to compete against each other. I enjoyed it thoroughly although it does need to have more than one player in the game or otherwise there is a lot of travelling around without seeing anyone. As with a lot of multiplayer games, the clue is in the title and there needs to be multiple players for it to reach its full potential. However, when there are a few of you firing off rounds like a Texan oil miner, then there it is hours of fun. Its a yes from me.

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