Case Study: Not Just Travel

December 12, 2019

We were approached by an independent Travel Agent who had set up an event and they wanted to show the quality of their properties and package holidays first hand. They got in contact with Chaos Theory VR and we were able to integrate their portfolio onto Oculus Go headsets.

Their customers were able to experience the chalets and skiing in the alps of Val Thoren, the luxurious hotels on offer in Crete, Bali and Thaliand as well as the local areas of all of these locations.

As with all Chaos Theory VR products, we were on hand to take complete control of the virtual reality so that Not Just Travel could focus on what they do best and sell premium, luxury holidays.

The VR provided a draw, an exciting new technology that their customers wanted to try. And each one of them was transported to a destination that they were considering on visiting, they were able to see first hand what treats they were in store for. And once they removed the headset and were brought back to reality, they were more than keen to discuss how they could make that experience a reality by booking through Not Just Travel.

There were a variety of different stalls available at the event, but Not Just Travels stall was by far the busiest. The lure of the new technology and the reactions of the customers that were trying it meant that Not Just Travel were inundated with enquiries.

Virtual Reality is a perfect medium for Travel as you are able to show your customers what a brochure cannot, provide a real experience and create an understanding of what you are going to be buying. However, we are not restricted to travel, this works within the property development and real estate market as well as the launch of any brand or brand activation events.

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