About Us

the team behind the Chaos

Our Story

Chaos Theory VR was born out of an excitement and love of Virtual Reality technology and a frustration at the way the technology is being used.

Virtual Reality provides the ultimate escapism taking you to worlds that have previously only been created in our imaginations. Or alternatively creating simulations that recreate real world scenarios in a safe environment.

From the very first headset that we put on, we have wanted to share this technology with as many people as possible and share the ridiculous amount of fun VR gaming can offer. But also, to explore the ever growing benefits and uses that the technology is unearthing. From mental health, fitness and wellness benefits, to corporate marketing or commercial premises virtual tours.

Our mission is to promote Virtual Reality within the UK, and over to past 2 years we have provided virtual reality hardware to events and parties providing a far more exciting option for an event than a photo booth or similar in the past. The responses and reactions that have followed have only ever been of amazement, excitement and delight. As such we will continue to make it possible to experience Virtual Reality anywhere in the UK.

Chaos Theory VR Founders

We believe that VR gaming should be experienced in a far more social and relaxed environment that has been offered previously. Gaming was never meant to be played in a solitary and social environment and so we are offering a variety of options to achieve this. We encourage competition and want to give people of all backgrounds the opportunity to experience and get involved with virtual reality. In fact, we are constantly on the look out for VR Esports athletes so we can create teams and build VR Esports within the UK.

It is also our aim to use virtual reality to better people’s lives. Research has shown that VR can assist with medical recovery and we plan to work with the NHS to help patients that can become isolated in recovery and or in palliative care. It is also a far more active method of gaming than traditional PC’s or consoles, after research from the VR institute in San Francisco has worked on the calorie burn rate that each VR game can achieve, we have created VR fitness and Boxercise programmes to provide a fun alternative to fitness and wellness. We will also be touring the local community, providing libraries and community centres with the opportunity to use our equipment. We aim to encourage the young and old alike to get involved and excited when experiencing this new technology. This could be the kick start individuals need to advance the technology further and provide options that they did not know were available.

By booking products through Chaos Theory VR you will be making it possible for us to share this technology with people within the community and promote Virtual Reality around Manchester and UK. This is a technology that is improving every day and Chaos Theory VR is your partner to bring it into your business, event or home.

The Future is upon us and the revolution will be born out of Chaos!

Meet the Team

James Moss


James Moss is the Founder of Chaos Theory VR which was formed over a year ago. He has an International Law Degree after studying in the UK and South Africa as well as 15 years of experience in sales and strategic business planning in the telecommunications and IT infrastructure industry.

James Moss has been an avid gamer for over 2 decades now and after experiencing Virtual Reality is now hooked and has the VR Esports bug. From a young age, he dreamt of a time that you would be able to recreate the gameplay shown in films such as Tron, a completely immersive experience that makes you feel like you are actually in the game. At Epcot in Disneyworld Florida at the age of 12 he experienced one of the first ever VR experiences, playing as Pacman running through a maze and collecting dots whilst avoiding the ghosts.

VR is now here and he now dreams of making virtual reality available to everyone who cannot afford or have the space to run it themselves and share the excitement and unrelenting fun that it brings.

Nathan Vidal


Nathan is the Co-Founder, Sales and Marketing Director. He thinks slightly out of this dimension and no experience should ever be considered ‘box standard’ . He applies this mindset to his life, career and with a Masters in International Law and 13 years sales, technology experience, to bring to the table.

Nathans passion for VR started while travelling through South East Asia and seeing how the entrepreneurs there were experimenting with VR in the streets, with home made DIY VR machines & experiences plus how much their customers LOVED being a part of something completely different, even though it was just standing on a box while the host moved your body around. Some of the funniest moments came purely from being part of the experience!

The souls Nathan was travelling with, all now have memories and moments that they have shared and laughed about since coming home. Theres nothing greater than being able to recall memories in your life that gave you and the people around you great joy!

What you experience behind the headset is unique to each individual but when you lift off your headset and your back in the real world, laughing and talking about how SICK that was with your friends, that’s PRICELESS. This is why Nathan wanted to play a part in creating these moments for friends, whether you are at home or away,  filling a piece of each and everyone’s heart with Laughter and Moments that will stick in the mind for life.